Destination Wedding: Choosing A Caribbean Location

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Congrats! You’re engaged and planning to say ‘I do” on a tropical island some thousands of miles away from home so how do you choose the best destination wedding location for your big day?

Not all islands and resorts are created equal, so finding the perfect destination for your beach wedding is the first step in destination wedding planning.

1. Budget

Like any wedding, the budget is generally one of the very first discussions. When you’re planning a Caribbean destination wedding you will need to add travel budget to your wedding budget also. 

2. Distance

It’s a fact that the further you travel from home for your wedding, the fewer people will follow, choose your destination accordingly. Also, be aware of the availability of flight schedules for example some smaller Caribbean islands may only have a few flights in/out each (day) week.

3. Legal requirements

As mentioned at the beginning of the post not all islands are created equal. Each island has specific requirements prior to tying the knot and will depend on which type of ceremony you prefer (symbolic or civil). What’s the difference? Basically, a civil ceremony is legal and officially recognized in the United States and the country where you’re married, a symbolic ceremony is not. You’ll want to be aware of the documents, blood tests, and residency requirements in advance.

4. Kids vs No Kids

If you’re planning on inviting everyone in the family to celebrate your big day then you’ll need to consider the kids when choosing your destination. Many islands are known for their adult only resorts, you’ll also want to consider how easy it is to get there… will it require more than 1 layover? And then once you’re on the island, are there resorts that cater to families or offer kid-friendly activities/amenities.

5. All-Inclusive vs All-Exclusive

Love the idea of a pay one price vacation? Then you’ll want to consider a destination that has all-inclusive resorts… you don’t find these on every island!




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