5 Reasons why not having a wedding planner has proven to be outdated

6:46 PM, by Unknown

This isn’t your mom’s wedding. This is not meant to discredit the beautiful day your parents had, but weddings are different today. Everything from the extensive choices in venues, menu options, decor, lighting, and the complete saturation in the market has made just planning the small details tremendously difficult and time consuming. Gone are the days that you pick from the gold, silver, or bronze packages at a country club and walk away until your wedding day.

Your planner will actually save you money. The wedding industry is a $51 billion industry filled with amazing vendors, and some not so amazing vendors. This is most likely one of the biggest expenses you will have in your life {so worth it}, but make sure your choices are made with deep consideration. Chances are, if you were looking to invest $15,000-$35,000, you would go to an investment specialist to help recommend quality stocks, explain tax implications, and help guide your money safely and securely. Why would you choose anything different for your wedding? In the long run, using a professional who knows the industry, and knows the vendors and costs, will actually save you money, time, and possible heartache. Taking a serious risk on one of the biggest days of your life and one of the largest investments you will make is an outdated practice.

Women have big careers. - Bravo ladies. We have come a long way in 25 years. While we might not all be Facebook’s COO, Sheryl Sandberg, we lead busy lives with busy careers. Planning a wedding not only feels like a full time job, it actually is! Typically there is only so much of “you” to go around, so something will need to give when you choose to plan your wedding without a professional.

Not cookie-cutter. - Weddings have changed. There is freedom in creating this extension of you in the wedding. You can choose to not have the traditional flow of church, to hall, to cake, to garter, to bouquet toss, to running away to your honeymoon. With uniqueness comes planning, timelines, and schedules, all things that are hard to execute when you are meeting with guests and the center of attention.

Too many cooks in the kitchen. - When you choose to take assistance in planning from your mom, sister, sister-in-law, your groom’s sister, your two best friends, his mother, and your aunt from California, things can get a bit overwhelming. Ok, really overwhelming. As sweet and wonderful as it is to have everyone be excited and want to help with your day, most of them have some kind of expectation to what the day should be like, causing conflict if it does not sync with your ideas. The old saying goes “when trying to please everyone, you please no one.” This could not be truer with weddings. When you choose to work with a professional, your family and friends know that you are being taken care of. Let them enjoy the day with you. This may be one of the only days in your life you will have them all together. It goes fast. You don’t want to be the bride that looks back on pictures and realizes you looked stressed, verses relaxed and beautified.

Planning a wedding is fun, exciting, and something that most brides really enjoy doing. Having a wedding planner does not take away that excitement of planning; we simply enhance and compliment it. Think of the wedding as this beautiful picture and your wedding planner as the frame, bringing all the details together into a finished and complete work of art.




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