Hiring a wedding planner or venue coordinator

12:10 PM, by Unknown

There is still confusion in the industry between venue coordinators and hiring a wedding planner. There has been this notion that when you book a venue that provides a coordinator, you are sort-of getting a wedding planner for free. The truth is, it is not true. Sorry. {frown face}

Here are the main differences between a venue coordinator and wedding planner, along with 3 reasons why you should know this before walking down the aisle.

1. Knowing your full vision. Although the venue coordinator may help with suggestions for your day, they do not have any obligation {or desire} to plan anything further than your reception set-up, food display, employee management, and reception breakdown. Your venue coordinator is employed by the venue, not by you. On the other hand, your wedding planner works for you, the bride and groom. Your full vision is the business plan for the day. Your planner has already mapped out a full concept of the day, dreamed it up with you, is just as excited about bringing this day to life as you are, and will be with you from start to finish {not just at the reception}. Your wedding planner is in essence, your business partner for planning the best day of your life.

2. They might not be there when you get married. {eek!} More times than I can count, I have heard brides tell me that the person they originally booked the venue through is now either gone, fired, moved on, had a baby, is traveling Europe, etc. There is no guarantee that the person you originally give your vision to at a venue will be there 6-8 months later. This is a scary truth. The last thing you {the bride} want to do a month or weeks before your wedding, is scramble to find someone to coordinate your vision to someone who has no clue about your wedding. This happens all too often. Plan ahead and don’t rely on a venue coordinator as your wedding planner. If you are lucky enough to have a great venue coordinator on your wedding day, along with your dedicated wedding planner, all the better. Better to be very safe and happy, than unprepared and disappointed.

3. Vendor Management. Your venue coordinator is hired to ensure that vendors at the venue are abiding by the venue rules. They will offer some suggestions on vendors they have worked with in the past, but they do not work with you on vendor contracts and negotiations. Unlike your wedding planner, they will not have a strategy to maximize your budget and match 

you with vendors that are a best fit, as that is not their job.

You wedding planner is you assistant, partner, friend, and the only other person {other than you} who knows your wedding from front to back. Your venue coordinator is a great resource and someone who can provide great assistance on your wedding day at your venue, but do not expect them to be your wedding planner, they are simply not hired to do that.




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