Wedding Photographer + Wedding Planner = Bliss

11:10 AM, by Unknown

There has been a shift in the past 5 years. With the predominate use of Pinterest setting high expectations for wedding days, perfect styled shoots, and the details we have all come to love and expect; talented photographers are now being booked 12-15 months in advance. They are one of the most coveted vendors {wedding professionals} chosen for the wedding day, with good reason. Your wedding photos stay with you forever. Memories in our mind sadly fade with time, but photos can capture those memories forever. It is a true heirloom and something I always recommend be done by a trusted professional.

With this desire to capture perfect memories, details, and tell the story of the day through photos, this may bring added demands that {you} the couple might not realize are placing on the photographer. After many chats with in-demand photographers, I wanted to share 3 reasons your photographer wants you to hire a wedding planner and why it will make for a blissful wedding day.

1. Stress-Free So many photographers that I work with tell me the best and often the most published weddings are the ones where the couple is truly happy and stress-free. Much like a mirror, your photos do not lie. Your photographer’s job is to tell the story of your day, but if they are too busy fixing flowers, straightening linens, or placing details, they are not using their time most effectively. Your photographer will not take photos of wrinkled linens or messy tables. If you are having a melt down or running around because your caterer is running late or your officiant is stuck in traffic, they are not taking pictures of that either. This is your planner’s job, so your photographer can be a photographer and take amazing pictures. Remember, these photos are forever. Having a planner together with your photographer is a small cost to ensure peace of mind, which is priceless. When you are stress free, your photographer can shine, take amazing pictures, document your day, and take pictures of a truly happy couple.

2. Not a planner A Photographer is not a planner, nor does he/she want to be. So many photographers I have talked to tell me the stories of brides consulting with them on gowns, details, flowers, even food display. Your photographer wants to get to know you, love you, and be so excited for your wedding day, but their job starts on your wedding day, not prior. Your photographer does not have time to consult or chat about your wedding day, or develop timelines for guests, entertainers, etc. Your planner’s job is to make everything picture perfect so that your photographer can capture it.

3. Details, Details… There are very few things hotter right now in weddings then exquisitely, unique detail pictures. We are pinning and liking details like crazy on every social channel or blog available. Details offer that uniqueness that we all crave in our wedding and it also offers inspiration to other brides. When you get published, you feel like a trendsetter. Just like you, your photographer loves having details to document. These little bits of joy, tell the story of your day in such a unique way that your photographer can’t wait to piece them all together in your full wedding portfolio. When you partner with a planner/designer, you get those added unique details fully executed and both you and your photographer will benefit greatly.




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