4 Subtle Ways To Treasure Your Wedding

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Planning a wedding often becomes a matter of pleasing family and friends, instead of celebrating your love and commitment to your betrothed. Much of this may be unavoidable due to family obligations, but it doesn’t mean that there can’t be places in your ceremony and reception that belong to only the two of you. If the reins of your wedding plans have been taken by well-intentioned others, here are some places where you can still have subtle moments that belong just to you.

Pre-Planning and Decoration
If you are in a wedding with family who cannot help but enforce their will on every detail of decorations or catering, relax. You don’t need control of every detail in the planning to love your wedding. Instead, consider one thing that is especially meaningful to you and your fiance, be it sunflowers in your bridal bouquet, or pineapple-scented candles on the reception tables, stay firm on those details, and let the rest of it go.

The script of a traditional wedding may be pretty standard, and this may be something you want. Perhaps you don’t feel comfortable scripting your own wedding, or you want to make everyone comfortable. Regardless of the reason, if you have a traditional ceremony, you can still personalize the wedding with a meaningful reading or song.

There are many ways to customize your reception, with food that is important to you, your favorite song or silly dance, or decorations that meet a theme of your choosing. One thing that is an important thing for everyone to do during their reception is to take a moment when everyone is having fun, and to look around and savor the moment. A room full of people have come from afar to celebrate you and your love. Enjoy it, and focus on preserving memories that you’ll remember for years to come.

After the Wedding

Most couples have certain keepsakes they hold on to for memories’ sake. Photos and the cake top are two of the most common things that couples keep. Another common item is the wedding dress. Proper storage is important to ensure that it stays well-preserved. Cotton muslin bags are a safe way to store your seasonal outfits as well as something as precious as your wedding dress in a way that keeps them fresh for future use. This allows you to have things that can be passed on and treasured by your children and grandchildren when they, too, start looking for the things that will make their own weddings special one day.




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