Destination Wedding Hotspot: Ireland

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With plenty of personality between its emerald hills and cliff-worn coastlines, Ireland is a hopelessly romantic, dramatic, and vibrant island.

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Unlike many of the world’s precious gems, emeralds do not need to be held under a microscope to be considered flawless. Rather, they are expected to be imperfect and still prized for their indescribably glossy and vibrant signature hue. The same can be said for an Ireland wedding on the ‘Emerald Isle,’ with similarities far beyond the namesake color palate. From the 900-miles of wind-battered coastline to the surreal wedge tombs of Burren, to the dank, dark pubs of Dublin, the Irish have never pursued perfection. But these lyrical elements provides drama and color to all Ireland weddings.

Still, it’s best not to think the brooding landscape means a lack of playfulness, because the Irish are some of the world’s warmest, wittiest people. Nowhere is this more evident than in Ireland’s cities and villages— including the indubitably expressive Dublin. In this capital city, locals go out of the way to make you feel welcome (hint: it usually ends with Guinness). But Irish hospitality is not just reserved for the animated capital. It’s found everywhere from small fishing villages to luxurious castle estates. This good-natured spirit and endless natural beauty make a wedding in Ireland the high-point of any Irish vacation.

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