Make Your Wedding Shine

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So what makes for a really special event? Is it the glowing bride, the lavish decor, or having everyone on the dance floor? Well, this really is personal taste.

Making a wedding sparkle is most couple’s dream. The question is, how to make your wedding stand out from the rest?

We want to offer some suggestions on making your wedding really shine, and that doesn't mean having the most expensive wedding of the year. Your wedding will not rise to the top because of your lavish displays or endless cocktails, but you can set your wedding apart with some of these tips.

Highlight your LOVE
The #1 reason people come to weddings is because they love you and support you. Guests want to feel and witness love. {I cry at almost every wedding!} It’s a feeling that can’t be explained and its human nature to be drawn to love. So capitalize on that! Emotion draws out more emotion such as excitement, happiness, and laughter. Some ways to make it about you:

Stray from the norm and have the person marrying you tell a story about you both. Why is today special? Why do you have to marry this person? Another thought, give guests gifts before they sit down; a favor that signifies love or can be used during the ceremony. If you want to really break the ice have a cardboard or artistic sign stating: Day of Love, all must abide! Give hugs to old and new friends.

Show off unique details about you
This one can be so fun, yet so many people choose not to add in these small details. Small details can have a strong impact. From something as small as “Jay’s favorite beer” tags on the beer of choice to having an ice cream truck give out your favorite flavor treat. Figure out something you both LOVE and include it in your day. Guests will appreciate the uniqueness of making it, once again, “about you”. No one wants to show up at the same wedding over and over again.

Be Intentional with Social Media and Cell phones
Cell phones are everywhere at weddings. You will thank your lucky stars for your professional photographer, however, cell phones at the ceremony can be a huge issue when shooting those “oh so romantic” moments. Imagine 150 guests with their hands in the air snapping pics or video of your wedding while your professional is trying to capture guests in the moment. Do yourself a favor and request a phone free ceremony. But let them know they can snap all the pics at the reception they want! Create a #yourwedding on Instagram. You can even have something set-up to live view the Instagram pics that have been posted while you are still at the wedding.

Make for an Epic Ending
There will inevitably be the guests that leave right after dinner and cake. A great way to get guests on the dance floor and excited before the cake is to ask everyone to get on the dance floor for a party shot. Please chat with your photographer in advance so he/she can set up a ladder or balcony spot, but this is a great way to have everyone on the dance floor at once. Make sure the DJ or band is playing great tunes and lead into something everyone will want to dance to right after the photo. Partnering up with your photographer on a great ending with streamers, sparklers, confetti, etc. helps bring the party together and know they need to stick around for one final moment all together. A great thank you card is one with the party shot on it {everyone is included}!




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