Open Bar or Cash Bar?

12:56 PM, by Unknown

One of the big decisions in planning your wedding is whether to have an open bar or a cash bar. There are families that insist on having an open bar however, free alcohol does not fit everyone’s budget. Here is what I tell my couples:

When you invite guests to your wedding, in reality, you should not expect them to pay for their drinks. However, the draw back to an open bar is that there is a lot of wastage and inebriated guests. My suggestion is that you host the cocktail hour and then serve wine with dinner. After dinner, turn the bar into a toony bar; when people pay for their drinks, even if it is $2.00, they pay more attention to where they put down their drink and how much they are drinking. If it is not in your budget, then you make the bar a toony bar and host the wine for dinner.

If you are having your reception at a venue where you can bring your own alcohol, then you can limit what you buy; for instance, you may decide that you only want to serve wine, beer and soft drinks. Make sure you hold onto your receipts because then you can return any unopened items to the store you bought them from. Also, if you are having a bar-b-q type of reception, then you can get away with serving beer in a keg; any other type of reception, bottles or cans are more appropriate.

Whichever way you choose to entertain your guests, just remember that you want them to have a good time and remember your wedding with fondness.




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