5 Ways To Make The Best Use Of Your Wedding & Event Planner

11:40 AM, by Unknown

1. Sit down with your planner and discuss your vision. What it is you do want at your wedding or event and what things are going to make you cringe. Sitting down with your coordinator and making it as clear as possible about the things you are looking for will help your coordinator deliver gourmet results.

2. Make sure you set a budget. Some consultants forget the meaning of staying in your budget. At Yasmen Katrina Events, your budget is set from the get-go and as you wish you may increase or decrease as you allocate your monies. It should be the priority of the coordinator to create your vision AND stay in your budget!! 

3. Schedule regular updates. At Yasmen Katrina Events, a timeline is created from the minute the contract is signed. Your coordinator should realize you have a busy schedule, and meeting on a regular basis doesn't always work for you. At Yasmen Katrina Events, we regularly update you with your event timeline so you always know what is going on and what you have to do to stay on track when you are bogged down with your REAL LIFE priorities.

4. Have your planner tag along. Sometimes the people helping you make decisions can’t tag along to all of your vendor meetings. So bring your planner to bounce ideas off of. Even if you bring the people that are helping you make decisions, at Yasmen Katrina Events we believe its good to have your planner with you so they stay in the loop with the decisions you are making and can take what they learn from the meetings and implement your decisions back into your vision!

5. Ask Questions. Your planner or coordinator should realize that you don’t know everything about the coordinating process. At Yasmen Katrina Events we want you to help you create your event and offer you the knowledge you need in the planning process. Your planner is there to educate you about the planning process and where you are spending your money!!

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