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I can’t pinpoint exactly when my love affair with weddings first began. Perhaps it started when I was 6, when I was marrying my Barbie & Kens. Or maybe it was when I was 11 when I began watching wedding programs on TV with my grandma. I would sit in my room imagining wedding details I thought would create the perfect wedding.

I grew up in a family where birthdays were always unique celebrations. I don’t remember a single year we just did a simple affair. Each celebration with a carefully thought out theme whether it be just color coordinated. It was perfect.

It was somewhere between the mix of Barbie & Ken, daytime wedding TV, and amazing birthdays that my love for wedding planning and design was born. The finest of details have become my greatest memories. It’s my dream to one day open a Martha Stewart Weddings magazine and see one of my client’s weddings in it, and if I one day switch on the daytime wedding TV to see one of my clients weddings on my screen I’d scream with excitement. It’d be like taking my dream full circle.

My largest joys in life have come from the little things. Simple dates with my family. Stargazing at night standing alongside my beloved. Handwritten notes. Cute pens and paper. Traditions. And cake (but that one’s just a given).

I believe love is in the details and that we create life to be what we want out of it. This is my life, my business, and my passion– this is Yasmen Katrina Events

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