Six best Venues To Marry At

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One of the most important aspects of your wedding will be the venue. The venue will set the tone for your entire wedding. Whether you’re looking for classy and sophisticated or laid-back and fun, there is a venue to fit your style. 

Check out some of these great ideas:
1. Barn
Are you a country chic kind of girl? Then a barn is the perfect place for your wedding. If you’re a true country girl, then you probably know someone who has a barn you could use. You will just have to make sure the horses and cows are out to pasture and the stalls are mucked out the day of your wedding. If you don’t know anyone with a barn, then search for local farms in your area. They might be willing to let you rent the barn for a day.

2. Beach
Beach weddings are perfect for the bride who wants their wedding to be both casual and beautiful. They are also nice if you are looking for ways to cut back on the budget. A wedding at the beach doesn't need any fancy decorations. The sand and waves are enough all by themselves.

3. Historic Home
Nothing says romance like an old mansion and just think what the pictures will look like. This is an especially good idea if you want to have an outdoor wedding. You can have the wedding outside in the garden and then take your guests inside for the reception. Most historic homes will probably have a ballroom you can use for dancing, and a grand dining room where you can serve dinner. If there aren't any adequate historic homes in your area, you could get these benefits from hotels that have ballrooms.

4. Backyard
Maybe you are a laid back bride or maybe your budget is a little small. Either way if you or someone you know has a large backyard, this can be a great spot for a wedding. Plant flowers along a bridal path and have an arch set up where you will exchange vows. This idea will go nicely with a backyard cookout.

5. Park
A local park, or even a national park, can be a great wedding venue. Many parks have ponds and gazebos where you could stage your altar. They also have great grassy areas that would be nice for a reception area. Most cities have a park that will work great as a wedding venue.

6. Church
You can’t go wrong with a classic church wedding. Decorations can make your church really sparkle. The best part about using a church for your wedding is the built in seating. No need to worry about renting chairs when you have church pews. If you also choose to use the fellowship hall for your reception, then they will already have tables and chairs. A church wedding will also make saying your vows a very spiritual experience.

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