{Planning} Pearls Of Wisdom

10:09 AM, by Unknown

1. If you are getting ready at a resort, text your hair and make up people with your room number. Get extra hotel keys to give to your maid of honor and planner.

2. Get your payments in order. If you have a planner- get these to them early. Make sure that all payments are in sealed envelopes clearly labeled as to which vendor they need to go to. This is the same for tips. Give them to your go to person to distribute. Nothing is worse than seeing a bride try to write a check in her wedding dress. (Trust me)

3. Make sure you eat protein early. You will feel better and not be a “Hangary” bride

4. If you have ladies getting ready in your room, have a time set where they need to put their personal items in bags and then place them in a designated space. This saves stress later on when you are trying to leave. We all have that one friend that is never ready on time. So this is a great way of not singling her out- just a group effort to organize.

5. Speaking of bags- get your bag in order for that night too! Don’t forget your lovely items for the wedding night as some practical items- change of clothes, ID, cash, wallet, house keys, and some pain reliever to eliminate that last glass of champagne headache.

6. Get your purse ready with what you need the night of the wedding, such as: powder, band-aids, lip-gloss, and a mint- don’t forget your room key!

7. Help your photographer capture those photos and get your “detail items” out. Unwrap them from the plastic, put the shoes out, any jewelry and please get that dress off the ugly plastic hanger!

8. Clean your ring- never is your ring going to get more up close and personal time so make sure it is shining like the star it is!

9. Be realistic with your photo/video list ahead of time. You want your photographer to know before the big day the important photos but don’t overload them. You want their head behind the camera to capture the images not checking off a giant list.

10. Slather yourself with a greasy lotion first thing in the morning. It will have time to soak in by the time you get ready to slip into your dress and your skin will look and feel fabulous!

11. Text your fiancé- a little sweet note letting them know you are so excited to see them!

12. Drink water. Repeat- DRINK WATER. Do it early. No you are not going to bloat. But it is better to drink water early vs. later. Going to the ladies room in a wedding dress is a skill that is worthy of the Olympics. (If you like this, VISIT  to customize your own!)

13. Create a sign for the door- “Drama Free Zone! It is about me today but I want us all to be friends after I walk down the aisle. Unless the building is burning down- walk in with a smile!”  And… this goes for bride’s too. You turn into a pumpkin at Midnight.  Act in a manner that your friends will want to still talk to you after the wedding.

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