Personal: The Little Things

11:19 AM, by Unknown

I was thinking about what A Lovely Life means to me. How do you create a lovely life? For me it’s the little things.

It’s the handwritten card or a note in the mail just to say hello. It’s smiling and saying a genuine thank-you to someone that held the door for you. It’s buying the cute $1 pink pen in Target not because you need it but because it’ll make you smile. It’s sending a text from a friend after a visit just to say you enjoyed spending time with them. It’s taking the time to acknowledge a pretty view without pulling out your phone to take a picture. It’s printing your photos and hanging them on your wall. It’s messaging someone you haven’t seen in a long time but know their entire life update from Facebook just to say they've done well for themselves. It’s fresh flowers on your desk. It’s looking in the mirror and acknowledging you look pretty that day. It’s picking up the phone or at least texting a friend on their birthday instead of just sending a generic Facebook message. It’s waking up and deciding today isn't for work, it’s spontaneous date day with your love. 
It’s choosing to wake up happy even when your day ahead is stressful or long.

For me, life is about all of the little things. And I’m creating my life lovely.




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