Q&A: Should I Buy Wedding Insurance?

12:25 PM, by Unknown

Q: A common question from brides planning their weddings is “Should I get wedding Insurance”?

A: The answer most often is, Yes. You can get special event insurance to cover you in a variety of situations like if there were to be a cancellation or postponement, or if a wedding professional were to go bankrupt and not deliver on services, or if there is some sort of catastrophic weather scenario. There are special companies that can offer this to you including Travelers, WedSafe, and WedSure

At the very least I recommend that you get personal liability insurance. Some venues will require you to get this especially if it’s a museum as it will cover you if a guest were to damage the property in any way but it also protects you if a guest were to fall and break a leg. Just like you can be sued if someone were to trip and fall in your house you could get sued if someone were to trip and fall at your wedding. You can typically get this attached as a rider to your homeowners insurance for a nominal fee.

*Disclaimer* I am in no way affiliated with these companies and this post is based on my sole opinion. 




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