Getting Started: A Planning Binder

11:32 AM, by Unknown

I personally am a "paper person" I just cannot get along with everything being electronic I feel a need to write in pen, scratch out pen, have paper to refer back to, weird isn't it? I know guys this is 2015. I wanted to share with you the easiest planning binder ideas for all my paper loving couples. 

So here it is, for all you couples out there knowing you need to get moving but haven’t started yet… it’s time.

1. Get a binder
It doesn't have to be an official wedding binder, as long as it is at least 2″ and has slip covers and dividers.

2. Tab your binder
You will want a section for every vendor you will have a contract for in addition to a tab at the front for your to-do lists and schedules. Your tabs may include:
– Schedules
– To-Do’s
– Photography & Videography
– Florist
– Cake/Desserts
– Catering
– Venue
– Decor & Favors
– DJ/Band
– Hair & Make-Up
– Guest list & seating chart
– Stationary

3. Print, Print, Print
As soon as you get a contract from a vendor, print it and put it in your binder in a slip cover. This is the easiest way to keep yourself on track instead of going back and sifting through emails to see what you've already done.

*Why this is essential:
While you may prefer planning on a computer since it’s quicker and easier to change things, I can guarantee it won’t keep you on track as easily as having a binder will. A binder allows you to see first hand how much is complete and what is not by looking through your dividers. If that isn't motivation enough, think of how awesome you look when you show up to an appointment with your binder of everything you've done!

Happy Planning!




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