{Q&A} Out of town groomsmen

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Q: What do I do if I have Out-of-Town Groomsmen?

A: For women it can sometimes be a little easier if you have an out-of-town bridesmaid. There are a few national dress chains and plenty of national stores that a dress could be purchased at but for the guys it can be a little more difficult as they are often renting tuxes and not purchasing. If you’re planning your wedding here in Orlando, you can find a local suit company that offer services allow groomsmen to get measured anywhere and then they simply submit their measurements online, then the groomsmen can swing by the shop when they arrive in town so that they can try on the tux quick allowing them to make any adjustments he needs. Then the shop will drop off the tuxedos at the hotel where everyone is getting ready and all the groomsmen will need to do following the wedding is drop them back off at concierge so staff can pick them up or give them to the wedding planner to take back to the shop. Another option could be a national company like Men’s Wearhouse but I sure do love that customer service you get when working with a local company.




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