{Love} Spring Date Ideas

5:55 PM, by Unknown

The sun is shining, the soft breeze is flowing through our hair, we hear the songs of birds. That can only mean one thing… Spring is upon us!

Today, I’m sharing my top four low on cash, high on love ideas.

  • My all time favorite spring date is pack a basket and go for a picnic by the lake or at a park (I love cranes roost, and Lake Eola)
  • Coffee outside your favorite cafe downtown, enjoying the weather, plus its excellent for people watching. Oh yeah, and conversation! (I’m a major people watcher….)
  • For my sports loving couples, take a frisbee or football, whatever to the park and just have fun! (A little competition never hurt noone) Plus you get to exercise the fun way ;)
  • Grill a new recipe on the deck or patio and watch the sunset with a glass of wine, reminiscing.

What are some of your favorite spring date ideas?

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