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One thing that is important to me is to blog about things that I really, really love, just because I love them! It’s more for me personally, since I use this blog as an online journal of sorts. I want to really define what inspires me, not what I think SHOULD inspire me…

See, I’ve found that in the creative industry, I’m constantly overwhelmed with blogs, Pinterest, styled shoots, etc. & sometimes I find it hard to define what I ACTUALLY like vs. what I like because everyone else likes it. So, I wanted to start back at the basics, and figure out what Yasmen really likes because SHE likes it, not because someone else does. (I hope that makes sense, ha!)

Growing up I was never reall that girly girl who loved pink, but starting a few years ago, I can't get enough of it! I just want pink everything! I honestly feel sorry for the daughter I hope to one day have, because that girl probably won’t know any other color BUT pink. Ha!

Why do I love pink? It’s girly. It’s playful. It’s feminine & classy. Blush pink, hot pink, rose pink, light pink, neon pink… so many different shades perfect for every emotion & every day. I love the idea of hot pink – daring, bright, & vibrant while still being girly & feminine. And I love blush pink – soft, classic, romantic, & loving.

“Pink personalities are the type to dot their I’s with little smiley faces. Pink people are optimistic and prefer to see the best in others… Pink personalities tend to be shy, very intelligent, hard working people. People who love the color pink usually are either in a blissful state or looking for one.  The perpetual smile on pink personality faces can grow thin when you are not in the same blissful state they are."

It’s amazing to me how accurate that definition is of my own personality. I love smiley faces & X’s & O’s. And I’m more shy than outgoing...

If you look in my closet, you will see ALOT of pink. When I’m in a store, I tend to immediately go for the color pink in EVERYTHING – accessories, nail polish, clothes, etc. 

So, what’s your favorite color? Why? What about it makes your heart skip a beat? How does it define your personality & your life?

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