We are not Jennifer Lopez

12:10 PM, by Unknown

When I get asked what my profession is, I respond "wedding planner" and immediately after there are hush hush tones as if they’re in the presence of Jennifer Lopez in THAT infamous movie. However the reality is quite the contrary and I think I speak for all wedding planners here to let you know that we are NOT Jennifer Lopez. A fabulous wedding planner can save hundreds (and sometimes even thousands) off the all important wedding budget, as well as negotiating the best terms for you as a couple. They will have the ability to pull out your unique style to design your dream day and they are also great to hide behind when you’re too shy (or busy) to ask a vendor for something. Let’s not forget the biggest and best reason for hiring a wedding planner; the unconditional support they give throughout the planning journey to the biggest day of your life and on your big day.

Wedding planners are logical and super creative the same time (no mean feat) with the ability to remain calm, collected and composed from start to finish. On the actual day, you don’t even notice that your wedding planner is there, apart from when we are bustling your dress and giving you a calming wink just before we send you down the aisle. We are far too busy in the background, making sure that your day, after months (maybe ever years) of meticulous planning journey, is a dream come true for both you and your guests.

P.S You don't have to worry about your wedding planner falling in love with your groom ;) 

P.P.S This post is not bashing the movie or the actors, it's just to show you the reality of what we do as planners, and not the movie, hollywood version :)

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