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Congratulations you are engaged, now you begin searching for vendors and see that everyone is offering a FREE intial meeting or consultation and you are probably thinking: What does this mean? What kind of information will you find out if you take the time to meet with these vendors?

Initial meetings ARE:
  • An opportunity for you to meet a vendor you are interested in in person.
  • A chance to find out more about the services offered and the price point.
  • Good time to sign contract & give deposit to a vendor you know you want to book.
Initial meetings are NOT:
  • A free information session. I personally do always give a little information out to to my potential clients to let them know I do know what I am talking about and that I can help them. I never give out potential venue names, my vendor referral list or any other information that my paying clients receive at this meeting.
  • A price negotiating session. If your vendor has given you a price that you know is out of your budget, please don’t ask to meet with them in person, it is wasting both yours and their precious time. Many vendors do have non-negotiable prices, and it’s awkward to tell someone this. If you want to know how lenient that vendor is on altering prices, tell them what you are looking for, and a price you had in mind in an email and ask if they would be able to provide any sort of service in that price range (ie. Our custom packages)
  • For someone who is only interested in price. If a price estimate is all you are after, just email your vendor. There is nothing worse than to take the time out of your schedule to meet with a couple, only to find out they have booked a meeting with every other wedding planner/ photographer/ florist, etc in the city. Only meet with the vendors you are truly interested in working with who are either in your budget or you would be willing to make an exception for if you really love them after your meeting.
This is how my initial consultations typically work:

We almost always meet at Starbucks!(because it’s one of my loves in life!) I usually spend about 30 minutes going through a questionnaire to find out what you envision for your wedding, and I LOVE hearing how you first met, and your proposal story ;) 
(I do also offer phone, facetime or skype consultations and they work the same way)

Then we have a question session where you can ask me questions about my services, me etc.

Often my meetings end up in a great conversation about non-wedding related topics so we can really get to know one another :)

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