Choosing Your Wedding Colors

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So I did a styled shoot yesterday with different, bold colors, and some people approached me saying they would never have thought about putting these colors together and how beautiful they look, so it pushed me to put together a (hopefully) helpful post on how to choose your (customized) wedding colors. 

There are a plethora of colors out there, so don't feel like you need to stay with the typical purple and silver color palette, don't get me wrong I love this color palette, BUT I strongly want the color to resemble you and your fiance!

Here are some of my tips to find your customized color palette for you wedding:

1.  Go and look in yours and your fiances closet to see what colors you wear most. When you look in your closet you can visually see your style and what suits both of you. For example, I wear a lot of bright vibrant colors, and my boyfriend loves darker, colors, so if we were to put together a color palette we would have a flat shade with bright vibrant pops of color in the flowers, invitations and decor accents. 

If you walk into your closet and go "Oh no!...I wear all black and tan" don't worry! Just consider using black, grays, and slate tones with soft pastel accents, since this always looks classically elegant. 

2.  When choosing your colors, avoid using more than two bold colors and add one neutral. A lot of bold colors won't flow as much, and may be difficult to work with.  *It's okay to use one color in different shades*


3.  If you have some wedding magazines (or pinterest), flip through them and see what colors pop out to you, tab the pages that you fell in love with right away and start a inspiration board or binder with them. Bring these images to consultations with your wedding planner, rental company, and florist it will help them get a better understanding for your style, and will make it ALOT easier for them to suggest designs for you. 

Remember, you are marrying your best friend! Find the colors that suit you and your fiance's personality, your wedding should reflect who you both are as individuals and as a couple. 

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