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So, it may have taken me a few years to find an organization system that works for me, but today I want to show you how I stay organized, and share a few tips on how you can too!

1. To Do Lists 
So it is no surprise that I have a type A personality, and I would like to say I have a good memory, but that is questionable sometimes, so I started writing it all down, and found out that I LOVE note taking and to do lists, I will go to each and every meeting with a notebook and pen in hand. Each and every thing I do in a typical work day gets written down and marked off.  Errands, meetings, emails to send, phone calls to make etc. Special events get highlighted (in pink), wedding days get highlighted and a doodled heart, and anything that was not done that day or missed gets circled.  If it's circled, it gets done the next day. 

Why this works: 
1. Who doesn't like that feeling you get when you check off your to-dos!?
2. When you have a crazy schedule, it helps you feel a sense of accomplishment to see how much you actually got done. 
3. If your memory fails, you can go back and see a hard copy reference of when something was done (or wasn't done)

2. Folders (my fav!)
If you saw my computer you could instantly understand what makes me type A. I have all of my business templates in folders in dropbox and have the app on my iPad and iPhone so I can instantly open them, this way I never have to worry about if my computer freezes and loses data, or if I quickly need to reference something.

My computer folders are labelled like this:
  • YKE Couples {year} - Inside this folder is a folder for each of my couples that has the vendor contracts, master timeline, notes etc. 
  • YKE Contracts {year} - Inside this folder is a folder numbered from 100, every one of my couples has a number that matches with their invoice and receipt number.
  • Taxes {year} - Any domain hosting, graphic design, networking event etc. receipt I've received via email goes in this folder for taxes
  • Vendor Pricing- Any vendor pricing that was sent to me gets put in here for quick reference
  • Styled Shoots- Inspiration board, notes, and final images get put in here
And then of course I have a billion more to keep my life organized. 

3. Notebooks
I may be stuck in the dark ages but I LOVE my notebooks. Again, the writing it down tactic from number 1. Every consultation I do gets written on a physical form template I created, with all major wedding details: Wedding date, booked vendors, venue ideas, color palette/ theme, wedding party size, estimated start times for ceremony and reception etc. And I always go back to these pages to reference them. After the consultation I type up these notes and email them to my couple if  they need them and keep them as a hard copy in my couples client folder.
Why this works:
1. It’s easier to remember and reference if it’s written down.
2. If it's dated, you can always see the last time you met with your couple.
3. I am a visual person and it's always nice to see the notebook when you need to, especially if you draw ideas and floor plans out.

And there you go! How I like to stay organized! I hope this helps you :)

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