{Mini-Series} What Does A Wedding Planner Do?

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A question I often hear is “What does a wedding planner do?” I love this question because it gives me a chance to educate couples on the many ways a planner can alleviate stress, speed up the decision making process, and create their dream wedding. This question inspired me to create a mini blog series that will allow me to break each topic down.

Unlike a lot of your vendors, hiring a wedding planner doesn’t give you something tangible. It’s often easy to see why you need a great wedding photographer; you receive beautiful wedding photos which allows you to relive your wedding day. You know why you need a great caterer because you want to have great food and service on your wedding day. The list goes on: florist, music, venue, and more.

But, what do you get when you hire a wedding planner?

An expert
Have you ever gone to the doctor because you’re not sure if you have the flu or something that needs antibiotics? If you’re like me, then generally, you like to go to someone who is an expert, and can reassure you and help you, so that you’re not spending more time or money on something than necessary.

As wedding planners, our days are spent looking at budgets, assessing designs, researching, and knowing how much to spend per vendor. It’s easy for us to provide suggestions, creative solutions, and unique ideas because weddings are our world. Ideas or solutions that might take you days, often take us hours because we are experts in our field.

Keeping you on track
Weddings should be blissful, not dampened with details that stress you to the fullest. One of my favorite parts of being a wedding planner is creating custom calendars for my couples that list month by month the items that need to get done, and keeping them on track with email reminders, this includes everything from dress appointments to payments to picking up gifts for mom and dad, they are all on my YKE calendars. I am here to make sure that every little detail gets finished, so you can rest easy knowing everything is coming together perfectly.

Decisions, Decisions
Planning a wedding is a celebration in your life where you are constantly faced with making tons of decisions. Who should we invite? Who should be my maid-of-honor? What gown do I envision? What do we eat? Which photographer do we pick? What colors should we choose? The list goes on and on. When you work with a planner, the decision making process goes faster. In Orlando, there are hundreds of vendors to choose from with varying styles, price ranges and availability. What if you could work with someone who narrowed that all down for you? Picked the best of the best, and handled all the back and forth emails? Can you imagine how much more time you would have to go dress shopping, go on a date, and just enjoy your engagement?

Handle the dollar and cents
With couples being busier than ever, and the cost of weddings going up every year, a great wedding planner can offer you the invaluable service of helping manage where the wedding budget goes. To start, creating a wedding budget to show you how much of the money should go to specific places: venue, caterer, photographer, florist, etc. Then, to manage the budget: for example, maybe you spent less on the dress than you anticipated, so we can use some of that money for the floral arch of your dreams.

A creative resource
I believe that weddings should reflect the couple. A great wedding planner provides creative ideas to clients whether it’s about insightful floral designs, unique stationary ideas, creative seating arrangements or even exciting menus. Together with the couple, a great wedding planner, will help find you the right linens, the perfect stationer, and the draping expert, so that your wedding comes to life better than you imagined.

A friend
With any milestone in your life, there will be bumps in the road. Whether you’re facing bridesmaid dilemmas, dividing up parental duties or even making compromises with your fiance, your wedding planner is the perfect person for you to lean on. We’ve likely heard similar stories, and no situation is too much for us to handle. The best part? You have a friend in your corner who can offer you educated and neutral advice. It’s a win-win. ;)

Stay tuned for more, detailed, blog posts on this topic in the coming months! 

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