{Personal} How To Live Your Dreams

12:21 PM, by Unknown

Let go of the excuses:
There is no room for excuses. And yes that may mean that most of the time that means you hear the things you don’t want to. You are not failing because “people are too cheap for your services” or because “your body just doesn’t lose weight”, it’s you. You’re missing something along the way. No one is doing everything right and is failing. That’s not even logical. No more excuses… do the work to figure out the problem. You can and you will do it.

Believe in yourself:
You have your own goals and you have to own those goals. You need to believe in yourself before anyone else does. When you’re setting your goals don’t hope that you can achieve them, know that you will and can. That same confidence oozes in everything you do, then others will see it and start believing in you and conspire to help you succeed.

Play Nice:
Nice gals finish last? Nope. I don’t think so. My day is a million times better when I’m working with genuinely kind people. Be one of those people. People want to support those that are genuine and deserving of success. And even better than that, when you put out good, positive vibes, that’s what you get right back. All of a sudden you’ll be surrounded by all these amazing people that you didn’t even realize you were attracting with that wonderful new attitude.

Write it down:
I am a paper queen, I write my goals down on paper. All short term goals are written in my day planner weekly and I have plans to put my long term goals in a pretty frame above my desk.

Don’t Stop:
Lastly, don’t stop pushing. Life happens and sometimes that means goals go on the back burner, or a cheat day, not living up to your standards, or anything else that feels discouraging. But guess what? That’s okay. Don’t get down on yourself just get back at it. No excuses right?

Okay, lovelies go and get it!
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