Three Things That Nobody Tells You About Planning A Wedding

5:07 PM, by Unknown

If you’re reading this post, it’s likely you’ve never planned a wedding before. Here are three things no one tells you but can really help with your planning.

1. It takes a lot of time. No really. It takes a couple an average of between 200-400 hours to plan their wedding on their own. That’s a lot of hours! Think of all the time you spend researching, emailing, meeting, designing, and decision making. You’re doing all of this on top of your already busy lives!
2. Venues and vendors book up fast. It might seem like you have all the time in the world to book your vendors, but if you are set on a specific date or specific vendors, make sure you book the major vendors (venue, photographer, decor, flowers) at least 1 year out. I even suggest you start your planning a year and a half out with certain venues (wineries, unique venues)
3. Weddings may bring out the crazy in you. I’m not just talking about “bridezillas” here, they bring out the crazy in everyone. You’ll see a side of friends and family you’ve never seen before. Be prepared. Everyone wants the best and their intentions are great, but it can sometimes get out of hand.

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