Who Is Managing Your Wedding Day?

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Do you need a wedding “manager”? Yes. I believe that everyone DESERVES someone to manage their actual day-of activities. Someone to keep you on schedule, deal with problems as they come up (and fix them before you know about them), deal with vendors and payments, and so much more. Ultimately they are there to ensure you have a  blissful day.

Who can you hire?

A Wedding Planner of course! Most planners offer a day-of/Month-of coordination package. We take care of everything from that point on; reviewing vendor contracts, creating schedules, managing lists, making sure every detail has been taken care of, and of course orchestrating the rehearsal and the day-of.

Don’t want to hire someone? What options do you have?

Family Friend

But the thing is, these ladies (or men) are important parts of your wedding day! They were invited as guests, and you wouldn't want your mom to miss you putting on your gown because she is worrying about placing the favors out how you wanted them, would you? 

They would love to help, and want you to enjoy your day more than anything, but you want these guests to enjoy their time at the wedding, just as you want to enjoy it yourself.  

Let your friends and family enjoy your wedding day with you; hire a day of manager to help you with your big day.

To find out more about YKE's Day-of Coordination services contact me today!

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