Personal: Confessions Of A Wedding Planner

5:51 PM, by Unknown

1. I won’t watch your entire father daughter dance because I can’t help from crying.

2. When you tell me you have an idea and it’s straight from Pinterest what I really want to say is, “Pinning something on Pinterest does not make it your idea. It makes it someone else’s that you like.” Not the same.

3. I love receiving hand written notes from my couples. Totally makes my day.

4. The wedding is just the beginning. 

5. Whoever told you to buy fake flowers instead of getting a florist isn’t your friend.

6. I 100% believe that being a wedding planner is the best job in the world, 99.9% of the time.

7. I LOVE outdoor ceremonies. 

8. I love when the groom cries.

9. Sending you down the aisle on your fathers arm is the hardest part of my job, because again, I can't help from crying.

10. The garter toss is 110% the most and only awkward part of my job. 

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