The First Look

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There is a sweetness to the tradition of keeping the bride and groom from seeing one another before she walks down the aisle for the ceremony. It creates a build up of anticipation, which can be exciting, but it can also lead to additional nervousness and anxiety. Some of our couples today are determined to keep this tradition, and we make sure their paths do not cross at all prior to the ceremony. However, for most, they prefer to see one another beforehand, because it allows them to have their photos taken prior to the ceremony, enabling them to join the cocktail hour with their guests. (Side note: any party is more lively when the hosts are actually there!)

When our couples decide that they would like to see each other prior to the ceremony, we make sure to collaborate with them, and their photographer/videographer, to arrange a special 'first look', so that they can still savor that beautiful moment when they first lay eyes on each other. We usually pick a quiet place that can give them the privacy that they need, while being mindful of the aesthetics of the surroundings for their photography and videography. (Can you imagine capturing all of those raw emotions from the first look on video, and being able to experience them over and over?)

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