Fall Wedding Favors

5:01 PM, by Unknown

Fall is such a great time to get married! Today we’ll take a look at fall favors, favors that are sure to please your guests and won’t end up in the trash! So many great ideas to make your fall wedding dreams come true.

1. Specialty Tea. Choose your favorite flavor, or better yet, offer a few of your favorites. Green tea for health, chamomile to help you relax and the list goes on. Many tea shops will even come up with a special blend in honor of your big day.

2. Warm Apple Cider. Best enjoyed on cold day, wrapped in your fave blanket with a great book…or movie. Enjoy!

3. Mini Maple Syrup. Perfect to be enjoyed over breakfast the next morning.

4. Soy Candles. Said to be natural, cleaner burning, longer lasting and have a better scent.

5. Candy Apples. Bring out the kid in your guests! These caramel apples are not only delicious, they’re so pretty, almost a shame to eat…almost!

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