Q & A: How Many Retailers Should I Register?

11:20 AM, by Unknown

Q: A common question I get when my clients are about to register is how many retailers should they register at.

A: With so many options available it can be confusing where to go. I think it’s best to have at least three options because you want to give your guests a wide range of options, as well as considering a “high end” store and a store that is a little “less expensive”. Your third option can be something of a wild card or a specialty store. Try to look for stores that have good incentives for registering. Crate and Barrel is one of many stores that offers a discount off of any items not purchased from the registry following the wedding. Consider the convenience of your guests too. Selecting a store like Macy’s or Bed Bath and Beyond can be a good choice because they’re located all over the country. Bed Bath and Beyond also offers free wrapping and they have those 20% off coupons people love so much! 
Happy Shopping!

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