Destination Wedding: My MUST List

11:33 AM, by Unknown

So as you now know, Yasmen Katrina Events is now officially offering Destination Wedding Planning Services, I am spellbound for destination weddings. I mean it. Nothing gets me more psyched than a couple looking to celebrate abroad.

Everyone always asks if I have a Dream Destination list... I do! Since I just launched these services, I thought I would share... and you know, if your planning a wedding in one of these locales, let's talk... seriously.
  • England - Of course this has to be first on the list - its my homeland! ;) 
  • New Zealand - Adventurous. Stunning. All the YES.
  • Iceland - It's starting to become trendy but it's got so much natural beauty. Swoon!
  • Santorini, Greece - All white buildings, amazing sunsets, perfection.
  • Italy - A romantic Catholic Cathedral, gondola rides, friendly locals and amazing food.
  • Ireland - Castles , rolling green hills, need I say more?
  • Hawaii - Mountains, waterfalls, beaches aka dreamy backdrops!
  • Napa Valley, California - Wine, lush vineyards, romance!
  • St Lucia - I have envisioned the Pitons being a lush ceremony backdrop since I went there on a family vacation years back. 
That's the short list... the long one would include EVERYWHERE. Each Destination Wedding location is awesome because of you. 
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