Save The Date Etiquette

5:37 PM, by Unknown

YAY! You have a sparkly ring on your finger and the planning of your big day is finally real, now it’s time to inform your guests! Your first step is to send out your save the dates. This mailed pre-invitation officially announces when your wedding will be and lets your guests know that they are invited to the celebrations!

As far as etiquette goes, it is not necessary to send a save the date, however, they are becoming more standard. If your wedding is during high traveling periods such as holidays, it is an expected courtesy to send a save the date. This will increase the chances of your guests attending your wedding which is exactly what we want!

In terms of when it is appropriate to send out your save the dates, usually 6 months prior to the wedding is normal. If it is a destination wedding, send them out 8 months prior to the celebration. This allows plenty of time for your guests to schedule time off of work, book hotels and flights, and save a little bit of cash.
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