Saying "I Do" In The Right Shoes

5:39 PM, by Unknown

Attire is a very important factor of your wedding day. I love to see brides play up their personalities with fabulous shoes to wear with their perfect dress or outfit. A way to add a little pizzazz and style is by wearing a sassy pair of heels, a pair covered in glitter, or a pair that no one really needs to know how much you spent on them! Picking the right pair of wedding shoes can be tricky so here are a few things to think about:
  • If your ceremony is outside, select a wedge heel or a flat so you are not wobbling and sinking on skinny heels. (Or make sure to buy those nifty plastic heel covers!)
  • Pick a style that is fabulous yet comfortable or change into a pair of flats to dance the night away!
  • After you have found the perfect pair, wear them around the house to break them in to help eliminate blisters on your big day!
  • Bring them to your rehearsal to practice walking down the aisle.

 With these helpful tips, you are bound to find the perfect wedding shoes. Have fun with it and let your personality shine! After all, those shoes will carry you right into the next chapter of your life!

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