Favorite Engagement Rings

5:41 PM, by Unknown

Engagement season is here and and I love it! All the ring fingers flashing that bling their loves got them is so exciting and speaks so much to each couples personality. With all of these gorgeous rings popping up I decided to put together a few of my favorite rings.

Cushion Shaped –  (Yasmen's Fav!) Square or rectangular shaped diamonds with rounded corners. Do you just love love and everything that comes with it? These rings scream romance! 

Round & Oval Shaped – Either perfectly round in shape or longer, rather than wider. These rings are traditional & timeless and so is the one who rocks one of these.

Princess Shaped – Traditionally square, there are always 4 pointed corners. Traditional and yet still a little edgy. This ring is perfect for those who love classic looks with a little twist. 

Pear Shaped – Formed like a teardrop, there is a point at one end while the other end is a round shape.  For those who like to do things their way, this shape is super modern and unique.

Did you just get engaged? Show me your new bling at yasmen@yasmenkatrinaevents.com or tag me on Instagram with #YKESparkleBling
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