How To Choose Your Wedding Style

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How to choose a style for your wedding is an interesting topic, and one regularly asked and discussed. An often advice for couples is not to stress or worry over having a style for their wedding. This might sound strange, but there is so much pressure to have a ‘concept’, ‘design’ or ‘theme’ that sometimes couples are worrying unnecessarily, racking their brains to come up with the magic answer when it’s not easy to find.

The reality is that your wedding style needs to be reflective of you; your past, your present, likes, dislikes, passions, interests and just plain funny quirks. This is what to focus on with choosing a style, for both of you, individually and together. The union of two people with their own unique ways into one always means creation of an unique and special reception.

So with each and everything you choose, ask yourself if your guests think it is very you. It might be your choice of venue - are you happiest in an outdoor garden, a beach or a glam ballroom? Do you dream of an elaborate ‘statement’ wedding cake, or do you love donuts and want a donut tower? With each decision, make sure it reflects you and you’re not just ticking the box you think etiquette demands or your guests will expect.

Of course, you need to give some consideration to your wedding guests, but the main thing is to ensure they are well advised and informed about what’s happening, well fed and watered, don’t have any transportation issues, and are warm and dry! Beyond that, you really should have an open canvas. Whilst you might want to nod to tradition (and indeed for some tradition suits them), don’t feel restrained by what has been done before; that rule book has been thrown away

The finest weddings with the most heartwarming atmosphere are the ones where guests get to know the couple just that little bit more through all of the lovely touches they have thought through and arranged in celebration of their most special day.

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