Wedding Websites 3 Benefits + What to Include

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A wedding website is a great way to communicate all of your wedding details to your guests. From the wedding location to your gift registry, everything can be in one place. You can get wedding websites available through,, and more!

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1. Branding
Creating a wedding website allows you to set the tone of you wedding, your website will give guests their first glimpse of your wedding, so it is important to make it reflect your style (consider theme, font, and colors). Including a photo gallery that consists of your engagement photos and pictures from throughout your relationship as well as the story of how you met and fell in love would be a great way to give your website a personal touch. You could even incorporate your wedding party by adding their pictures as well as a small biography for each person.

2. Invitations
Include the link to your personal wedding website on your invitations. This will provide guests with all of the necessary information to prepare and plan for your big day.

3. Details
“When is the ceremony?” “How do I get the reduced hotel rate?”  “Where are you registered?”
Avoid receiving millions of texts, calls, and emails asking questions of this nature by posting all of your important details on your wedding website.

Key Elements to Include

  • Schedule: This should include times and information for the day of timeline or any other events that you will be hosting throughout the course of your wedding day/weekend.
  • Location: Include the address and names of where each event will take place – this is especially important if you will be using multiple venues. Consider including a map and layout of all locations.
  • Accommodations: If you have a room block, provide guests with a direct link to receive the special room rate. Another option would be to provide guests with a list of suggested hotel options in the area.
  • Transportation: Post information about local airports, rental car services, public transportation, and parking.
  • Gift Registry: Notify your guests of where you are registered. If possible, provide links to your registry for guest convenience.
  • Wedding Hashtag: If using one, let your guests know what wedding hashtag you will be using. Encourage guests to use it as they upload pictures from all of your wedding festivities.

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