5 Reasons to Love Wedding Flowers

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With an increase in clever personalization for today’s weddings, it is very easy for the modern bride and groom to sidestep more traditional touches in exchange for more customized, and sometimes less expensive decorative details.

Here are my top 5 reasons why I feel gorgeous blooms are a necessity:

1. No matter the venue, flowers will bring life to the space.
From rustic barns and vineyards to more traditional venues like a church or banquet halls, wedding flowers will not only add beauty, but will lend lush texture and visual interest that can be especially helpful in smaller, darker venue spaces- you know the ones we are talking about!

2. Flowers are versatile!
Regardless of the style of wedding or event that you are planning, there are flowers that will help you execute your style or theme. Having a shabby chic outdoor wedding? Layered wildflowers and greenery could bring your event to life! Having a more traditional black-tie affair? Stick with more structured blooms like roses or lilies to accentuate clean and tasteful lines.

3. You can wear them!
We’re not just talking bouquets, boutonnieres or corsages! Modern floral crowns and head pieces are gorgeous. Pleats or braids? You can get a flower. Loose bun? You can get a flower. Mermaid hair? You can get a flower. Everybody can get a flower!

4. Flowers are timeless.
Lets just get this out of the way- I LOVE and embrace modern day wedding trends! The glaring issue with some of these wedding trends is that they rise and fall so quickly that they leave you in a whirlwind, and you are left behind, dazed and confused as to why you liked those trends in the first place. In ten years when you are admiring your wedding album, you won’t have to worry about your wedding flowers being outdated because flowers are and will continue to be ageless and enduring. P.S. In case you haven’t noticed, flowers photograph beautifully!


5. Flowers don’t have to be expensive!
We appreciate and applaud you on sticking to your event budget, but there are a variety of floral options that may work within your ideal price range. Ask your florist about blooms that will be in season for your wedding, this can drastically cut down costs. You can also alternate centerpieces so that half are floral and the other half are creative decorations that relate to your theme. This will still allow for the best of both worlds without breaking the bank or your wedding dreams.

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