Valentines Day Weddings - Pros and Cons

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With Valentine’s Day being the holiday to celebrate love, can you think of a better date to have your wedding? There are many reasons why you should or should not have your wedding and here is some insight.

The Pros:
  • Getting married on Valentine’s Day is a sure way to signify your love. As everyone associates Valentine’s Day with flowers, chocolates and romance, why not have your sweetheart and yourself associated with it as well? Not only will this create a memorable experience for your guests, but on every Valentine’s Day your wedding day will pop up in everyone’s mind!
  • Valentine’s Day would create an amazing theme! Most brides struggle when trying to match wedding color, flowers and theme to a special season. However, getting married on Valentine’s Day allows for a simple and beautiful theme. Using tones of reds and pinks, incorporating beautiful roses and lilies and serving your guests heart shaped chocolates and even a kissing booth are perfect elements to add to a Valentine’s wedding!
  • According to a survey done by Daily Mail, 62% of men do not know their own wedding anniversary date. If your fiancé is the forgetful type, maybe choosing February 14th as your date is a good idea! Having your wedding on Valentine’s Day would be a great way to ensure that your husband-to-be would remember your date!
The Cons:
  • Seeing as Valentine’s Day is the holiday that celebrates love and romance, it is a very popular day to get married. With that being said, choosing this date will mean you share the same wedding date with hundreds of thousands of other couples. Also, imagine if a friend or family member is also getting married on Valentine’s Day. Instead of celebrating a romantic anniversary with your honey, you will be a guest at someone else’s wedding.
  • With Valentine’s Day being one of the most popular and busiest days for a florist, your flower cost is going to skyrocket! On average, flowers for a Valentine’s Day wedding are twice, if not three, times more expensive. In addition to creating arrangements and bouquets for your wedding, your florist still needs to meet the demand for their other clientele.
  • Realistically your date has to be strategically planned. If February 14th falls on a weekday of the year your planning on saying “I do” it could be years before it falls on a weekend. Although weekdays are generally cheaper, most guests will only be able to make it to a weekend wedding.
If you’re planning a Valentine’s Day wedding keep this list of advice in mind and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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