How to Have a Simple Wedding

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With magazines, online blogs and Pinterest, it can be easy to forget the purpose of a wedding, the marriage.  I believe a wedding should emulate who you are as a couple and so the details you choose to include in your day should be a reflection of that as well. Simplicity in a wedding isn’t necessarily about cutting back, it’s about ensuring that the fine points you do include will convey a story about you.

‘Experience’ Triumphs 

Next to the actual ceremony of marriage, the most important aspect of a wedding is the experience. From the couples standpoint, that means taking things slow to live in the moment. This day happens only once, enjoy the process, eat great food, drink just a little too much, spend time with your friends and family, and most importantly slow down and take it in. You’ll spend a year (or more) planning this day that goes by so quickly so remember to take a moment and enjoy your hard work.  From the guests point of view, the experience is everything from the words in the ceremony to the venue type/location, food, drinks, entertainment and yes, even the decor. What items you choose in each category should tell a story of who you are together.

Ditch the Extras

This is a suggestion that could mean something different to everyone who reads it. What some people might consider an extra, others would consider a necessity. A good example of this is favors. Unless you can think of a really cool item that expresses who you are as a couple and is something practical your guests will actually use again you might want to consider skipping this tradition. If it doesn’t emulate who you are and it’s just going to accumulate in your guests junk-drawer at home, then you’re just wasting money and space on “stuff”.

Remember this,

Focus on what makes you feel good and go with that. Will that item you want truly increase the level of experience for your guests? If so, add it in!
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