How to Choose Your Photographer

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If You Were To Eliminate The Restrictions Of Cost, Who Would You Hire? How Do You Know If You Have Found The Right One For You?

One of the things that you will always have from your wedding day is your photographs (and video ;) but that's a different blog post). Fifty years from now, there is a good chance you may not remember the food you ate or the music that played on your wedding day -- but you will have your photos for a lifetime.

Trust me when I say I totally get it--planning a wedding is one of the most overwhelming and chaotic things you will ever do. You want to make the best choices when it comes to your big day because there are no do-overs. You need to be able to fully trust a photographer to be able to capture the emotion-filled, fleeting moments on your wedding day. You want to make sure that all of the time and money ...and tears and bottles of wine... you pour (no pun intended) into this incredible event will prove to be well-spent when you see your photos for the first time and you are able to relive your wedding day and remember it being even better than you experienced it to be.

Obviously you didn't just jump into your relationship and say on day one, "Let's get married!" The same finesse should be applied to selecting your photographer. So let us ask you - how do go about finding the best wedding photographer for you?


1. Make sure you connect with them as a person.
If you meet a photographer and you are thinking to yourself, "You have the personality of a rock," chances are you aren't going to connect or even like that person. That's okay! Every single person on this plant has his/her own set of quirks and we don't jive with every person out there! You just want to be sure that you are comfortable around your photographer since s/he will be spending hours with you (and the rest of your family/friends) on the most important day of your life.

2. Know what type of photography style appeals to you.
Do you prefer traditional, posed photography or photojournalist photography as it happens? Do you like artificial light or natural light? You don't need to know what any of these terms mean - but make a mental note of the types of photos you like to be able to compare it to a photographer's work. Make sure something resonates with you when you look through a photographer's portfolio. If you love spur of the moment shots, you definitely won't want to hire someone who is more traditional in his/her approach.

3. You can find recent reviews in more places than just their website.
It is one thing if a photographer has reviews on his/her website. It is another all together if s/he has reviews on wedding websites or social media. Of course s/he is only going to select the best reviews to showcase on their website - you need to dig a little deeper to see what ISN'T being said on their website.

4. Ask to view an entire wedding worth of photos.
Similarly to #3, a photographer can create a display of their very best work for you to see, but you want to make sure s/he has a consistent quality throughout the course of an entire wedding day. "Quality over quantity" and "you get what you pay for" are two quotes that instantly come to mind.

5. Shop around and compare packages. 
Are you the type of person who goes into a store, immediately finds a dress, and buys it all within the span of 2.8 minutes? Or are you the type of person that is in the store for 2 hours and walk away with only one dress? Either way - don't be afraid to compare photographers and pricing!

No matter where you end up or who you hire, we hope these simple pieces of advice have been helpful!
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