The Luxury of Eloping

5:24 PM, by Unknown

Eloping isn’t for everyone. Is it? If you’ve always dreamed of playing Cinderella and you need an entourage to oversee the proceedings – definitely not. However, if your wanting once-in-a-lifetime luxury, a romantic escape, a low-key celebration or something truly unique… have I got an elopement for you!

Elopements (especially of the destination variety) happen to be my specialty. Why? They are a perfect place to express yourself, see a new locale (or revisit a treasured one) and be beyond creative. How could I (or you) not love that?

Here’s some of my favorite elopement ideas:
– Maui (because… Hawaii). Gorgeous beaches, amazing sunsets, private locales, paradise for real.
– New Zealand mountain top… I’ll happily be swept away by a helicopter.
– Snorkelling in Bora Bora at sunset. Yes, underwater vibes and overwater bungalows = match made in HEAVEN.
– Scottish highland castles filled with kilts, accents and romance and pageantry.
– Any forest anywhere… because nature. If you love the outdoors find your own treasure trove of redwoods and cedars to say ‘I do’.

So, what’s the deal with an elopement?
– pick a locale (or ask me… I’ve got a TON of ideas)
– make it legal here before you go or at your chosen locale (restrictions apply)
– buy a dress (tulle and/or white not required unless desired)
– pack a bag and travel far far away
– marry the one you love stress-free, barefoot (if you want) and completely memorable
– celebrate with photos (a must) and bubbles (another must)
– congratulations you are hitched!

And the costs?
Super minimal even with a Planner. Most couples range between $3-10k for a super romantic luxurious once-in-a-lifetime elopement with Yasmen Katrina Events
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