Decorating an Intimate Wedding Venue

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Having an intimate wedding does not mean having to skip out on all the glam and drama of it’s large scaled counterpart.

In fact, an intimate wedding (a smaller sized venue with less than 100 guests) is a great way to make your wedding feel luxe, draw your guests closer together, and even feel that you’ve stepped into another world.

Here are some great ways to transform your space and amp up the details that will have your guests talking for years.

Florals are Your Friend

The perfect way to easily make your tight knit venue feel like it’s dripping in romance is by using floras. Centerpieces decked out with flowers can give your venue some serious volume. Be mindful when selecting your centerpieces that they are not short and bulky, this will only obscure guests views and interrupt any conversation. Opt instead for tall elongated vases with voluminous florals resting on the top.

A floral archway on the outer entry way of your venue is a great way to greet your guests and also maximize the space inside your venue.


Not your Grandma’s curtains!! Rich fabrics draped on the ceilings or walls of your venue will add a luxurious feeling without taking up any additional space. This is a great way to show off creativity and play off of your color palette! You can make a statement wall behind where you and your love will be seated, intermix two separate colors of fabric for a criss cross pattern across the ceiling, or even use sequined fabric for a bold statement!

Light It Up

I have always been a sucker for twinkle lights ! Wrap them around your archway, welcome table, drape them from your ceiling! Not a huge twinkle light lover?  You can make use of colored up-lighting for your cocktail hour, or light tea-light candles mixed with votives to create textured levels of soft candle light.

Be Inspired

Hoping to make your wedding a family/friendly affair? An intimate wedding will provide a personalized experience and ensure you have more time to spend with each of your guests to create a memorable day.

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