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Ever wondered what a typical wedding day schedule is like for a wedding planner? Believe me, JLo makes it look a lot more glamorous in The Wedding Planner than it is in real life. I’ve never owned a pair of Manolos, and definitely wouldn’t be wearing heels on a wedding day!

The day normally starts pretty early for me. Personally, I like to wake up early and have a big breakfast. On wedding days, I’m never quite sure when we’ll be able to snack or sit, so I plan to eat as much as possible before I leave for the day. 

After putting on my dress, and flats, I pack up the car with the essentials: any decor from my couple, my emergency kit, my timelines and planner bag, then I head off to meet the couple.

I start the day with the bride and groom at their getting ready locations. It’s a great time for me to help style the wedding details (shoes, jewelry, stationery, perfume, etc.) as well as help any of the ladies and gents get ready. I like to help with anything you can think of: steaming the dresses, helping with zipping or buttoning you into your dress, and helping the gentlemen with their ties and pocket squares. Did I mention getting you out the door on time?!

Depending on the day, I'll either head off to the Church or go straight to the venue to prep for the wedding. Everything from setting up chairs, aisle decor, and more can happen before the actual wedding.

After the wedding, I'm either driving off to the reception location or “flipping” the room for the reception. If we’re doing a room flip, it’s normally an hour of time to turn around all the chairs, florals, tables, place cards, and more. I love room flips because of the amount of excitement and teamwork that comes along with it.

At the reception, I make sure everything goes smoothly; from cake cutting to toasts to dances, I like for every moment to feel like it came at the perfect time.

Once dancing gets started, I have a little down time to sit, have a bite to eat, and pack up what I can. Once the wedding is over, I’ll pack up all the decor, gifts and more.

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