Wedding Vendor Etiquette

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Today I want to talk a little about the unsung heroes of the wedding industry; your wedding vendors.

When it comes to weddings, sometimes finding a perfect vendor can be an overwhelming task and sometimes a lot of work, but in the end it is SO worth it to find and hire your vendor dream team! After all, these artisans are going to provide you with not only their services but also hopefully an unforgettable and happy experience. BUT and this is a big but, in order for your day to be the best it can be, your vendors will need your help! Keep in mind that once you hire a vendor, not only is a relationship born but you also become partners with the same end goal; a successful wedding. You’ve done the work to find them, here’s how to keep them happy and productive!

1. Trust in Them!
Always remember why you hired your vendors, there is something special that drew you to them in the first place, be it their unique style of photography style, their modern calligraphy or their stunning design aesthetics. An accomplished vendor is a master of their craft; they are passionate about their skills and they want to share that passion with you. They will offer advice and make recommendations when needed, trust the advice and recommendations given, they will not steer you wrong! Remember that you are partners in this journey!

2. Let Them Work!
Your wedding day has finally arrived! It is perfectly normal for your family members or friends to be elated, so much so that sometimes they will want to be more than just a guest. Your uncle Joe may have some fine photography skills and your great aunt Anna may have brought her trusty camcorder with her, but this is not the time nor the place for them to show off their creative skills, especially if they will disrupt your hired professionals. (Think of good ol’ Uncle Joe getting in the way of your photographer during your family photos or first kiss, YIKES!) This is an unfortunate situation that happens all too often and can really affect the vendor’s performance. Again remember why you hired these fantastic people!

3. Feed Them!
Yes, you read that right. When you hire your vendors, you may not be thinking ahead about these details, but I promise you that this is a must. For the professionals that will be working the entire wedding: your photographer, videographer, coordinator, DJ or band members and any assistants to these vendors should be given a meal. You do not want your key vendors to wilt from starvation halfway through the evening; a full vendor is a productive one! When working with your caterer, make sure to give them your vendor head count and they will provide a vendor meal, normally at a lower rate or sometimes at no extra charge. Unless specified otherwise, a meal is not required for the venue staff, the catering staff or any vendors that are dropping off items and are not staying for the whole event.

4. Reward Them!
This one can get tricky. Tipping your vendors is never to be expected, but it will be MORE than appreciated. Your vendors have worked very hard to make your wedding perfect. If you are happy with the service or product your vendors have provided, a tip is an excellent way of showing your appreciation. Who to tip: Standardly your photographer, videographer, coordinator and band/DJ, hair and makeup artists and transportation. If you have the urge to tip additional vendors, absolutely go for it! How much to tip? A good rule of thumb is to tip 5% – 10% of the total service amount, check out this great tipping cheat sheet from the Knot.

5. Thank Them!
The highest compliment you can give your vendor is by writing a review. Most wedding vendors are now on wedding sites where reviews are listed. By leaving a review, (hopefully a good one!) you will be showing them your support and will encourage more amazing couples to reach out and hopefully hire them for their special day. That’s definitely paying it forward.

I hope this post has answered all of your tough vendor questions! Planning your wedding can be stressful, but ensuring a healthy relationship with your vendors will make your wedding journey much more enjoyable.

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