"Day Of" Coordinators DON'T Exist

4:04 PM, by Unknown

Over the last couple of years, a lot of couples are realizing that on their wedding day they really don’t want to be in charge; they don’t want to make sure people show up on time, corral their friends and family, and make sure everything is set up and runs smoothly.

Thankfully, a lot of these people hire a wedding planner to help with all the fine-tuning, the logistics, and the overall organization of their wedding day. This is where the term “day-of” came about.

The problem with the term “day-of” is that it gives the impression that we just show up on the day and make it all happen. While I wish I had those magical powers, it doesn’t happen that way.

When you hire me for event management services, we'll start working together around six weeks before your wedding. We’ll talk about the flow of your wedding day, what’s important to you, any interesting family dynamics, and more. We’ll work with you as well as all your vendors to create a comprehensive timeline for your wedding day. Often times, this timeline can be tweaked many times before it’s ready for your big day!

The week of the wedding, I will assist and help run the rehearsal, and on the wedding day itself, myself I will work about a 12 hour day to ensure your wedding goes flawlessly.

A lot of times, couples don’t understand this at first because they’ve heard about “day-of” coordination, but when you hire a professional, you receive way more than just “day-of.” In fact, it’s all the preparation before the wedding day that ensures everything runs smoothly “day-of.”

Don’t forget, it’s okay not to know all of this right as you start planning your wedding. There is so much to research, to learn, to plan, to ask, etc. Planning a wedding is hard work which is why us planners have made this a career! Just know that if something feels too good to be true, it, unfortunately, usually is.

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