Dos and Don'ts of Elopement Planning

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Gorgeous, wild and perfectly spontaneous; Elopements are the 2017 trend that we hope will stay forever. Is that swoon-worthy and romantic elopement calling your name, but you just don’t know where to start? Well hello there! You are in the right place; we would love to help get you get started. Here are our top 5 dos and don’ts for your elopement planning!

1. Do celebrate your elopement!
This is an incredibly joyous time in your life. While you might receive some negative feedback about your decision to elope, remember that this about what you want for your perfect wedding day! Your closest friends and family will understand; the few that don’t, well they just love you so much that want to share in your happiness too. They will be excited for you either way!

2. Don’t settle!
An elopement is an intimate affair but it doesn’t have to be boring! It should be exactly what you want; if you dream of exchanging vows on a mountaintop, or being surrounded by swoon-worthy florals, this is the time to make it happen! Elopement planning should be fun!

3. Do enjoy the savings!
The biggest wedding budget-buster boils down to one thing, the numbers! Consider the number of guests, the number or rentals, the number of centerpieces and so forth. Elopements keep your pockets happy, so it’s okay to treat yourself to that dress you’ve been eyeing or that whimsical bridal bouquet you saw online.

4. Don’t forget to make it legal!
There are a few things to consider before tying the knot, like making sure your lakeside ceremony is legal! Now is the time to pick up your marriage license and make sure your celebrant has approval to marry you in a different state; your best friend who is licensed in Colorado may not be certified in Virginia. Also make sure to look into what permits may be required, not just location permits but media permits for your photographer and videographer as well.

5. Do plan ahead!
It’s easy to get whisked away by all of the excitement of elopement planning, just make sure all of your ducks are in a row! Look into hiring an experienced planner to help with design and to keep any stressful details at bay, also make sure you give yourself enough time to hire your perfect photographer and videographer so your happy memories last forever.

We hope these five tips have helped bring you closer to planning your perfect elopement! Want to get started? Contact us
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