New Year, New Trends!

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1. Goodbye mason jars, hello colored glassware!
While mason jars and shabby chic weddings have been quietly creeping off of the radar, the mason jar wedding trend will be finally put to rest. Happily taking its place is vibrantly colored glassware! Available to be rented in a rainbow of colors, these incredible glasses will bring a touch of whimsy to any event. After all, who wouldn’t wan’t to drink from these beauties?!

2. Goodbye sparkler exits, hello petal toss!
Sparkler exits, while beautiful and fun, are definitely the well-loved family relative that has outstayed their welcome. While we don’t expect this festive trend to ever completely fade away, we do expect to see many alternatives try take its place! Our favorite is the petal toss that takes place right after the “I Dos”, when the guests shower the newlyweds in flowers or confetti as they recess up the aisle. These daylight celebration tosses make for incredibly dreamy photo and video opportunities! Not to mention, they are environmentally friendly; all real flower petals and most modern confetti choices are biodegradable. Only pretty memories are left behind here!

3. Goodbye huge guest counts, hello small weddings!
Gone are the days of a “bigger is best” mindset, weddings are taking an intimate turn for the better! We expect to see an influx of smaller weddings, many with 50 guests or less!  We also are excited to see that beautiful and detailed elopements are on the rise; not only are smaller affairs more budget friendly, they are the perfect choice for those who are looking for a romantic but private option, while still allowing for charming details and décor. Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too?!

4. Goodbye favors, hello gift boxes!
We’ve noticed that many of our recent weddings haven’t included individual favors, and we just so happen to think that this is a good thing! Favors are a bit outdated and can be very expensive, think $5.00 to $10.00 each; it’s time for a change! You are already thanking your guests by holding your reception, so put that money towards something better. We suggest customized gift boxes for those friends and family members that deserve a heart-felt thank you for all of the help and hard work leading up to your big day. The best part about these bespoke boxes is that you can completely design them to your tastes, and trust us, they are so much fun to build!

5. Goodbye Go-Pros, hello Instagram videos!
Guest-held Go-Pros were a trend that ended almost as quickly as it started, while the concept is great, all of the editing to string the footage together is best left for the professionals! We are in love with the idea of the 1-minute wedding highlight Instagram videos that are being brilliantly produced by wedding videographers. The best part about them is they are perfectly shareable and incredibly unique; and while we adore the longer cinematic wedding trailers, we think these are clever social media gems!

There you have it; while we are sure that there are many more changes to come, these are our top five picks for 2017 wedding trends, we can’t wait to get this new year started off right! Want to speak with us to see how we can incorporate these lovely trends into your special day? Say hello here.

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