Pantone Color of the Year 2017: Greenery

4:04 PM, by fh

Greenery really made it’s mark in the wedding industry the last few years. It use to be an innocent bystander in an arrangement, filler, things to make the arrangement look fuller and bigger, and the last few years its started to become a stand alone, a star, THE ONE AND & ONLY. I found it so fun to watch Greenery evolve into a strong and independent focal point.

Greenery really stands out in cacti, succulents, and desert plants. But make no mistake, Greenery isn’t just found in these type of looks, Greenery has also taken us by storm in the last year with green garlands, hanging vines, and lush hedges. We are finding our couples are wanting more green everywhere – even in their wedding photos.

They want their ceremony to have that richness of Greenery in decor down the aisle or at their altar.

Cocktail hour to feature fresh elements of greenery like in a Mojito Margarita.

Dinner to feature Greenery everywhere from menus to napkin color choice, etc. Even the cake has elements of Greenery. We really are just swooning over this color and have been for some time!

Photography by Bee Photography LLC

Greenery is incredibly effective with design, and it also can be, and I emphasis “CAN” be cost effective at times with an overall look. A couple can achieve more of a lush effect with Greenery then she would with floral alone… I mean unless you are willing to dish out a pretty penny for lush in all floral no Greenery.

What we also swoon over in Greenery is the softness it has brought to the wedding industry, you definitely are seeing a more elegant feel with weddings with these different notes of Greenery elements. Even watercolor has become a true contender the last year with greenery elements looming nearby.

We don’t have to go on and on about how effective Greenery has been in fashion – I mean Greenery to us screams Kate Spade – and that is a brand that we can always get behind.

Florals by Arrangements - Chandelier by Vintage Chic Affairs - Photography by Bee Photography LLC

We are excited for all the Greenery we will be surrounded by in 2017, and look forward to evolving our wedding looks from the beautiful green garlands to Greenery that will really knock your socks off.

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