4 Manageable Steps to Your Wedding Planning

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So you’re finally able to unlock your secret wedding Pinterest board?! While that’s gotten you by so far the real planning should commence at some point. There are so many moving parts to your wedding planning process and I want to help you navigate through them in bite size pieces.

First: Wedding Goal Setting  

If you woke up one morning and decided that you wanted a new car would you head straight to the dealership and sign the dotted line? I’d like to assume that you’d hop on the internet, do a little research and think about what you need. Need being the operative word. Perhaps you’re environmentally conscious and would like to invest in something that leaves less of a carbon footprint. Perhaps you’re a mommy and need a spacious sedan or suv. Maybe you’re a busy boss lady that needs a luxury car with a remote start-up feature or seat warmers. The same goes for you when you start the planning process. Once you’ve narrowed down what you need, you can start to look into what you want. Here is a list of key factors to help you set some preliminary wedding goals.
  • If you don’t have your heart set on a venue, draft your guests list - this will help you determine the venues you should be looking at.
  • Narrow down your search to venues in the area where you want to wed - are you thinking elegant ballroom or an outdoor soiree.
  • Sit down with your partner to have the budget talk.
  • Figure out who is going to help you with what and open up your wedding savings bank account.
Step 1: Wedding Design

If you haven’t picked a venue then you can begin designing your wedding day based on your styles and preferences. If you have chosen your venue, you can base your design off your venues style. Chances are you picked that venue because you fell in love with the historic hard wood floors or the European architecture or the indoor grand atrium. Here are a few more tips to help you through your wedding day design. The design isn’t just the way your wedding looks but how it works and how your guest experience it. Beginning with the invitations- are the instructions clear, is the hotel room block easy to reserve, are the directions specific? Design also serves a purpose when it comes to your actual wedding day in terms of giving your guests a painless experience- are expectations being met, is the day flowing on time, are there lines at the bar, are your guests being serviced properly etc. All these components and more are addressed in your design.

Step 2: Planning

This is the meat of the wedding planning process. After your goals have been set, your budget is in place and your design is mapped out, the rest just falls into place. But there is A LOT of footwork so be prepared to run a marathon and expect some delays and possibly some detours along your route. Beware of wedding brain and bridal burnout. Don’t let all the details and hardcore planning make you forget why you are doing this and why you are here. Your engagement should be one celebration after another and you should both enjoy every minute of it. If one of you are just not into it, don’t force it. Ask for help.

Step 3: Event Management

This = wedding goals + design + planning wrapped into one spectacular day. No matter how detailed you are and how specific you are, it’s just not going to be perfect to the T. Imagine you have 20 plus vendors each with their own staff. While you’ve spent many hours with the vendor going over every detail, their staff certainly hasn’t spent that time with you and well, some of the details may get lost along the way. You may have ordered a navy blue cake with pretty patterns but on the day you may end up getting a royal blue cake with pretty patterns. These are details you should not be worried about. Instead relax, hire a planner or at the very least a pro coordinator, listen to their advice and let them sweat it. I understand that you may be in a place where you think that a planner is simply out of the budget so at the very least, I’d hire an event manager or wedding coordinator.

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