Choosing The Right Wedding Planner... For You!

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There are many of us to choose from, some with more bells and whistles than others, and many options to weigh, but there is only one that is right for you.

Wedding planners and coordinators provide an experience for a once in a lifetime moment. Because it only happens once you shouldn’t be going through a McDonald's style wedding planner who has tons of clients. Although, I do know few planners who do this well, but some not so much. Maybe it's cheaper to go that route but you need someone to be at the top of their game and quality starts to suffer when quantity becomes the priority. That's true in any case, unless you have a massive team in place. Quality service is EVERYTHING to look out for when hiring a planner because we don’t provide a tangible product, so what we have to offer- aside from all that we physically do- is exceptional customer service. Choosing someone because they are cheaper isn’t going to land you a favorable experience.

You can start to decipher the good from the bad in the beginning stages when you inquire. For example, are they answering in a timely manner, are they professional in their responses, did you connect with them personally, are they making you print, sign and then “fax” over contracts?! Oy! The person you hire (and this goes for any vendor or industry) should make the process as painless and seamless as possible for you. At the end of the day, my advice in any wedding conundrum is to hire the pro!!! I can’t stress that enough!

Hire someone who values their work and knows their worth. Someone who takes their business serious and who’s taken the time to update their social media regularly, invested in a site that is easy for you to navigate through and has good reviews.

Here are the top THREE questions to ask as you interview a potential coordinator or planner.
  1. How many weddings a year do you take?
  2. How many weddings in the same month/weekend as my wedding will you be working on?
  3. What processes do you use to keep yourself and us organized?
And remember, we are interviewing you just as much as you are us. Some of us work with needy couples and have set up our business model to accommodate those couples. Some of us specialize in design and make sure your wedding design is in line with our brand, so having a similar style is important. Some of us focus on the logistical and project management side of things and not so much the design. For more help on how to choose your planner, please
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